Saundra has been studying the practice of CFQ since 2009.  She is a retired kindergarten teacher who took up the study of Qigong for health reasons. Saundra has attended many workshops in the Newmarket area and completed many Levels of 1, 2 and 3 CFQ Qigong.

In 2011, Saundra travelled to Penang, in Malaysia where she took an intensive workshop with Master Yap, the founder of CFQ Qigong and received her Level 1 Instructorship.

Saundra had many severe chronic health problems such as chronic pain, food allergies, fatigue, and multiple digestive conditions,  which allopathic and naturopathic medicine was unable to help.

Saundra credits her amazing health recovery and the end of these problems to the practice of CFQ Qigong. She now teaches CFQ Qigong and holds weekly group practices in the Newmarket area.


After a long career as an educator and school administrator for over 30 years, Neil has become keen to develop meaningful interests that lend themselves to helping other people find their paths and enjoy their lives in a healthy and fruitful way.

To that end he has become qualified to teach CFQ as a Level 1 instructor after having taken many level 1,2 and 3 workshops and eventually completing Master Yap’s intensive Level 4,5,6 workshop in Malaysia in 2011.



Barbara Varanelli is a Level 1 CFQ Qigong Instructor who teaches in Brampton, Mississauga, Milton and in the Burlington / Oakville area.  Barb’s philosophy is that "no one should live their life in pain." Her passion to reach out to people with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain has become her personal mission and she wishes to educate people about alternative ways to heal the body instead of traditional western medicine that promotes solely the use of prescription drugs to mask the pain and does not heal the root cause.
Barb’s own personal struggle with pain:
Breast cancer and life experiences have guided her lifelong journey to understanding how the mind and body are connected.  She was first introduced to Qigong in 2001 at Wellsprings Cancer Support Service. However it it was under the great guidance and teachings of Master Yap Soon-Yeong in 2009 who finally opened the door for her to discover the great healing benefits of CFQ, in turning off her active mind, (this is sometimes known as the Ego or Monkey mind) that held her captive and would never shut down. This created the stresses and illness in her body but once she connected to the bio-energy downward flow of CFQ Qigong, it started the healing process in her body.